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Constitution Check
November 9, 2021
Our look at the ability scores continues with Constitution.
Our look at the ability scores continues with Constitution.

Constitution represents your character's physical heartiness. Like Strength, it includes everything from innate endurance to fantasy CrossFit training, and magical enhancements.
Constitution is unique among the 6 ability scores for being exclusively passive. Constitution doesn’t support any skills, and Constitution checks are almost always made in response to something the DM throws at you. How long you can march without rest, hold your breath, or survive without food are the kind of grueling tasks that rely on your Constitution modifier.
Maybe the most important thing your Constitution modifier helps determine is how much damage your character can take before they fall unconscious. Your capacity to sustain injury is determined by your Hit Points. Your Constitution modifier affects how many Hit Points you gain when you level up, and how many you get back during a Short Rest.
Next time on Roll Factory we’ll continue our tour of the ability scores with Intelligence.
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